About Us

About Us:
Eight-To-Five Entertainment, LLC is a working media firm based in Oxon Hill, Maryland that specializes in promoting the musical performances of Marching Bands at parades, sports events, competitions, and showcases from across the United States.


Mission Statement: Our mission is to promote the cultural heritage, and musical traditions of Marching Bands from across the United States through the field of working media.


Our Company Goals:
Be it known that Eight-To-Five Entertainment’s goal and sole existence within the field of working media and entertainment is for the following several purposes:

•To promote, the talented essence of a band program through the select design of worthwhile projects.

•To stimulate, the cultural differences between band programs through innovative and inspirational growth.

•To provide, a helpful and keen delivery of technical skills, dedication, and unswerving loyalty toward the preservation of future band programs and their achievements.


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